Dr. Riyad Al Mousa



Riyad Taher Al Mousa, MD, SSC-Urol, FEBU, EMSHA.

Chair of the organizing committee

➢ Consultant Neurourologist- Section Head, NeuroUrology and Voiding Dysfunction, Urology Department, KFSHD.

➢ CEO- Qatif Health Network

➢ Pan Arab Continence Society (PACS ) Secretary General .

➢ Saudi and European board of urology , NeuroUrology fellowship from University of Toronto

➢ Master Degree in Executive Health Administration (EMSHA) December 2016

➢Active Member of many prestigious National , Regional and international societies and participated as guest speaker in many national and international meetings

➢ published more than 20 publications inclusions 9 chapters in major textbook in the field of urology and functional urology